Ritter Lofts

Award-winning loft selling Huysken Van Riels / Janssens / Tourniers: racing pigeons, young birds, breeders. Over 56 years of experience racing Champions.

Contact: Roy Ritter at ritterlofts@aol.com

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For Sale: Huysken Van Riels - Janssens - Tourniers

You can buy birds from people that won 10-20 years ago or who do not even fly, OR you can get winning bloodlines from Ritter Lofts, which has won over 129 1st places in club-combine-ave. speeds and IF hall of fame (no doubles) in the last 8 years.

2018 YOUNG BIRD KITS -- RESERVE NOW sold out in 2014,2015  2016 and 2017

huysken van riels/janssen/tournier crosses. feb/mar/apr/may hatches

6 for $225. 13 for $445. 21 for $675.  $75 reservation deposit.

Shipping: $65 for 2 birds plus $5.for each additional bird or you pick up near Allentown, PA



Many club & combine races have been won with this family of h/vrs crossed onto janssens and tourniers.

Nice selection of one and two year olds. These h/vrs go back to dr.whitney, norm schaffer, shilton.

$85 to $150 each with full pedigrees.

Shipping: $65 for 2 birds plus $5.for each additional bird or you pick up near Allentown, PA

Also have Inbred Janssens and Inbred Tourniers, same pricing.